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B2B Content Marketing Strategy for your Business

Emilio Garcia

A Content Marketing strategy is actually mandatory for B2B companies. Through this process, your brand will build a solid presence in digital media, thus reaching a larger audience.

Your business needs to be seen and discovered by other firms looking for the product or service you offer. So, get ready to start, so you can meet your goals faster than you think.

Digging into a Content Marketing plan: a different approach to gaining valuable customers

Any B2C company finds its clients virtually everywhere. Let’s say, they post a blog article on Facebook and that’s it: within minutes, hundreds or thousands of potential customers will discover your content, increasing the chance to generate conversions and sales.

However, for a B2B company, the scenario is substantially different: your clients are also brands and companies like yours, meaning that maybe you only need fifty important customers or less for your plan to succeed.

So the question is: where are you going to find those clients? Let's say, for example, that you own a software brand who sells payroll automation systems to companies with over one thousand employees.

You have a wonderful product, but you have no idea, whatsoever, of how to sell it to those CEOs looking for it through the internet. Actually, you only know about old marketing techniques, like phone calling or newspaper and TV ads.

Fortunately, a B2B Content Marketing plan is the best answer to this problem, as proved as follows.

Content Marketing for B2B companies: why and how to do it

This type of Marketing will help you at different levels, all of them equally important.

It is essential to build a strong digital presence

One of the easiest ways to be found on the internet is through a simple Google search. So, the best technique to achieve a great web positioning is Blogging.

Actually, the main tool to attract the clients you need is a corporate blog with regular, SEO-optimized content in different formats, like text, video, photographs, GIFs and podcasts.

However, you need to produce a special type of information for your B2B leads and that is educational content. So, follow these tips to deliver this kind of high-quality material to your future clients:

-Create content to guide them through the buying process: your clients need straightforward answers. So, produce blog posts to help them make the best choice possible, detailing the features of your product, how it solves their needs and how it has changed the everyday experience of other customers.

-B2B marketing also means supporting your clients at any moment: in other words, the real challenge will be keeping their attention and loyalty after the buying process has concluded. The best way to do it is through evergreen content, targeted to the companies trying to get the best out of their acquisition.

It helps your company to reach an even larger audience through Social Media

A Social Media Strategy will complement your Content Marketing efforts, allowing you to reach larger audiences through different platforms, like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

There are two ways to succeed in Social Media:

-Promote the content from your different digital platforms.

-Create original content for every social network. For example, if you own a construction company and you need to promote it on Instagram, use its new IGTV feature to post longer, attractive videos for your potential customers.

It allows your company to take advantage of the mobile market

Most CEOS and company owners looking for your products, surf the internet through their smartphones and tablets. Hence, you need to take advantage of that traffic through some specific techniques:

-Create your own app: the word “content” doesn’t only mean text and images. So, can you imagine the potential market behind a cutting-edge application for your B2B customers?

-Optimize your web content for the mobile market: this includes Email Marketing and Blogging. Remember that each one of these platforms needs to be 100% responsive.

Finally, Content Marketing will take your brand to different level

After following all these steps, you will achieve greater than life goals:

-More sales and conversions.

-A loyal base of customers.

-A great brand reputation.

Your Content Marketing B2B strategy is the key to new business possibilities. All that hard work will translate into satisfied customers and an excellent web presence.

So, do you need any more reasons to start your plan today?

Originally published August 17, 2018, updated January 23, 2020.

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