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B2B Demand Generation

Improve your B2B Demand Generation Efforts with Digital Marketing

Emilio Garcia

Every company must learn how to generate demand using digital marketing strategies. This process includes raising attention in Social Media, a suitable level of investment in every digital channel available, as well as a solid paid advertising strategy. So, pay close attention to these tips to get the best out of your time and resources.

The first part of the journey: developing your Buyer Personas

Before selling anything, you need to understand who are your target clients. Thus, building Buyer Personas will define the course of action for your brand, so you need to include as many features as possible, such as age, income level, main interests and also their buying habits and the technologies and media they are interested.

When it comes to B2B customers, it is also vital to address them in the language of their industry.

This process will help you to create functional models to start an effective marketing strategy. Making it more accessible, put yourself in your customer’s shoes and answer a few questions: What am I looking for? How much am I willing to spend to get the high-quality products I need for my company?

Next: the power of blogging

A corporate blog is an excellent tool for B2C companies, but it can also work like a charm in B2B Marketing. Each one of your customers is looking for precise information, so give them the right answers by blogging, as follows:

Tell them relevant stories

Your B2B clients are efficient. So, don’t make them waste time and bring them the kind of content they’re looking for. This includes articles about the great experiences other companies have had by using your products and all kind of tips and advice.

Keep your content SEO-optimized

The content in your blog doesn’t necessarily imply a direct commercial transaction. Nevertheless, you need to lead those customers to your eCommerce platform in a subtle way.

This is where SEO techniques enter the scene: keywords, relevant pictures, and hyperlinks are significant to raise interest and generate the demand you are looking for.

For example, your brand will start a new campaign to attract companies looking for great-capacity air conditioner systems. Your articles in your blog can tell a little about the features of such products and the way they promote a cleaner environment.

On the other hand, the videos and pictures you will include must redirect each customer to another landing page where they can find out more about your offer. Also, remember to include a Call to Action button, whenever it suits your content.

The third part of your plan: a well-planned advertising strategy

To generate leads with B2B advertising strategies, you must base your policy on analytical data, rather than behavioral aspects. In other words, this means that you shouldn’t care a lot about the previous purchases your clients have made, among other factors. Instead, you must focus on aspects shown by your data analysis, such as:

Social Media platforms more often used by your clients

Whether they are Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Instagram, keep this data on hand, as it will indicate the level of investment you will run in each one of them.

The type of equipment each B2B CEO uses to navigate the internet

Maybe the data will show that 80% of those executive leads prefer smartphones, but could also surprisingly show that 50% of them still favors desktop computers. Be as it may, you will take this into account to map your advertising strategy.

Next: Inbound Marketing will help you to close the deal

From using proper techniques in Video Marketing campaigns to delivering useful content through the Buyer’s Journey, remember that Inbound Marketing is the key to get and keep great customers. Use Social Media to share and promote high-quality educational content created to satisfy your customer's most urgent needs.

Finally, attention means everything

So you succeeded in your B2B Marketing efforts and got the demand you were expecting for. Once you have your new clients, you must nurture them in the right way, as this will guarantee their loyalty for an undetermined lapse of time.

Turn to Email Marketing for this purpose, as this technique will help you to build enduring relationships with every one of those users, even when the buying process is over.

The process to generate demand with B2B strategies will force to leave your comfort zone to start a multichannel plan. Give yourself the time to study all these tips so that you can give every step with absolute confidence.

Remember: great content, a flawless paid advertising program and proper attention during and after the buying process, will get you the best results possible.

Originally published June 22, 2018, updated January 22, 2021.

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