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4 B2B Lead Generation Strategies to Try in 2020

Emilio Garcia

One of the biggest challenges for B2B companies will always be to turn strangers into leads in a successful way. However, this process requires extensive work through robust B2B lead generation strategies that include different digital marketing techniques.

Let's review four of the most important for this year, so you can appropriately run them during your upcoming campaigns.

1. A Seamless Content Marketing Strategy

The main advantage of B2B Content Marketing lies in its endless creative possibilities. Thus, you can adapt the content to different platforms to reach a broader audience as follows:

  • Build microsites: these pages will support your plan by offering essential tips and content to your audience. Though they depend on your main website, they improve the user experience in several ways: they offer a more personalized experience, and the navigation experience is smooth, easy, and visually engaging.
  • You need lots and lots of videos: Video Marketing is here to stay, and the numbers pretty much prove it; this technique's usage has improved 21% since 2016, and at least 85% of B2B companies will increase their Video Marketing budgets this 2019. This trend is easy to explain, as every user watches at least 1.5 hours of video content every day.
  • Include a blog on your website: If you want to build traffic, satisfy your audience, and generate leads, it's necessary to create a blog with unique and detailed information. It's recommended to write blog posts between 500-1000 words and test different content tools to see what kind of tactic is working or not.

    Also, don't forget to add some "Call to Action" on your blog that could give them more in-depth information; for example, an eBook, infographics, white papers, podcasts, case studies, or GIFs.

2. Search Marketing

Some may argue that SEO is overrated, but this is far away from the truth. Actually, by 2019, Search Engine Optimization is still one of the most critical techniques to reach your B2B customers.

The available data says that users perform around 67,000 searches on Google every second. Those leads are looking for your company as well, so, improve your SEO plan by adjusting some critical aspects:

  • Improve your website's speed load: you want it to be as fast as possible, so compress the images included in your content, get rid of unnecessary Java scripts, and run tests regularly to check out your web's performance.
  • Personalize the URLs: include relevant and short keywords in every individual URL for better SEO results.
  • Avoid keyword stuffing and bet on quality terms instead: your leads are smarter than you think, and they will immediately know when you are trying too hard. So use your keywords organically and play with secondary terms to improve the result. The goal is to delight your potential customers at first sight.
  • Leverage voice search in your strategy: by 2020, half of the mobile searches will be voice searches. This impressive stat should be enough to optimize your content by including high commercial intent keywords to guide your B2B leads in the right direction.

3. Email Marketing

Even when the very name of this technique sounds like an ancient story, the truth is that Email Marketing is one of the top B2B lead generation strategies ever, and for excellent reasons:

  • By 2022, communication through email will reach around 4.3 billion users worldwide. That is 16% more than its 2017 reach of 3.7 billion users.
  • The average Email Marketing ROI is $32 for every $1 spent.
  • Also, emails with interactive tools such as videos, increase click rates by 300%.
  • Your audience loves newsletters; according to HubSpot, 83% of B2B companies use this kind of digital content for a lead generation thanks to the appealing way it summarizes the information.

As such, email marketing offers one of the most significant benefits for your lead generation strategy. Although it is a "must" for every B2B brand, there is a crucial factor for success, and that is personalization. Conveniently, the latest Email Marketing smart software allows full integration to deliver hyper-personalized messages.

4. Social Media

Some time ago, the developing and nurturing of valuable relationships between B2B companies and their leads was very hard and expensive. Fortunately, the digital space has evolved so much that now you can use Social Media to strengthen your commercial relationships.

Just take into account that your B2B clients are also on Social Media, but you need to know where to find them. Not all social networks work in the same way, and you must design the message according to the platform you are going to use.

For example, most likely, any busy CEO won't spend much time uploading fun content on Instagram. However, they might check out this platform regularly, so bring them valuable content on IGTV, whether tutorials, video ads, or any other type of information useful enough to turn them into loyal followers.

With Social Media, it's easier to share blog posts, infographics, videos, or any content that helps your leads to discover your website and turn them into satisfied customers.

In all, keeping the conversation going can be an exciting selling process that will result in valuable relationships and a consistent conversion rate increase.

Let's talk about integration

After you explore each one of these techniques, then it is time to run an integrated marketing campaign. Combine all these elements during your strategy to reach your audience and track your results carefully.

These four B2B lead generation strategies will demand creativity and hard work. Focus on creating great multi-format SEO oriented content and use trendy technologies wisely for greater digital exposure.

Originally published November 21, 2019, updated March 2, 2020.

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