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LinkedIn: the Core of B2B Lead Generation

Emilio Garcia

LinkedIn is the best social network for B2B lead generation. A good content marketing strategy must include Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, but LinkedIn is the platform that will help your company develop the most substantial commercial bonds with valuable clients.

B2B LinkedIn lead generation: what you need to know first

Before starting, you should know three impressive statistics:

  • 93% of B2B marketers rely on LinkedIn as their most important platform for lead generation.
  • 64% of corporate website traffic is born on LinkedIn.
  • LinkedIn beats any social media as the most robust social platform for lead spawning, as 80% of social leads come from it.

So, where should you start for promising results?

Set up a professional LinkedIn profile

Some prominent B2B companies often overlook this essential point. Besides, it is not enough with having a professional profile; you must make sure that the profile portrays the values, philosophy, and vision of your company. Follow these steps to set up an attractive business profile.

  1. Include the right information. Your audience needs to know everything about your company. Some of this information includes, of course, your professional credentials, your company’s data, and the brand’s overall impact in your niche.

    The first impression is crucial, so invest some time in drawing these opening lines to engage your leads. Every lead should know within seconds if they can trust in your brand after reading those first impeccable, coherent sentences.
  2. Pay attention to the professional headline. It must attract your leads immediately by letting them know how your company can help them to improve their business experience. The first thing they must think when they read you is, “hey, they represent the solution I have been looking for!”
  3. A professional photo will be vital. A simple though neat image will be more than enough. It could be the company’s logo or a staff picture showing smiling individuals with a genuine service attitude.
  4. Use the URLs wisely. As LinkedIn enables only three links to showcase your other digital platforms, then lead your audience to websites that will deliver them relevant and high-quality information, your corporate blog, or an optimized landing page for instance.
  5. Turn the Summary section into a piece of art. When writing the information included in this section, keep on mind your target audience, their needs, and points of interest. They need to know they can trust you, so keep the conversation simple, professional and caring at the same time despite if you are talking about technology, marketing, medical solutions, construction or any other industry.

Share the right content

As a professional social media platform, LinkedIn is visited by 260 million users every month with a single purpose, find the best information related to their particular companies. To leverage this exposure, you need to share your top content, such as:

  • Your most relevant information. We are talking about the kind of content that will make you stand out from the competition. For example, if you run a very well-known digital appliance company, your leads don’t need to know once again that you sell 4K TV sets.
    To avoid redundancy, share content that offers them valuable solutions instead, like “5 ways our Smart TVs will improve your video conference plan”.
  • Tips and more tips. LinkedIn users want to find concise solutions to their questions and problems, so share content with tips about any useful subject. You want them to trust you as a genuine B2B leader, prove to them that you are an expert in your field, and the lead recruiting process will take place genuine and naturally.
  • A great video is worth a thousand words. Those B2B leaders you are looking for love videos. This is not an overstatement; according to Impact BND, video marketers get 66% more leads per year. So, implement a video marketing campaign that suits your LinkedIn profile. Remember that the content should be emotional, brief, and storytelling for you to be in other companies top of mind.

Create original content for LinkedIn

Besides sharing content from your main social media channel, you must create original content. This is a smart move since you will be giving your leads something that they cannot find elsewhere. In other words, exclusive content.

All you need to do is log in and find the box that says, “write an article.” Use this option to create cutting-edge content to answer questions previously made by your leads or to talk about trendy topics. This flowing conversion will keep them engaged with your profile and will make the lead generation process a lot easier.

Quick updates are also important

After you have set up your LinkedIn marketing strategy for lead generation that includes full-length posts and professional videos, remember to update your status regularly with a quick message interesting enough to generate conversation. It could be any news related to your industry or anything about the company’s latest projects.

Let your potential customers know that you are on LinkedIn

Tag regularly other companies on relevant posts to start a healthy debate. This will let them know about your company’s vision and goals before becoming your next leads and your loyal customers later.

Your LinkedIn B2B lead generation strategy must be solid and consistent. Fortunately, you can achieve this goal by sharing and creating engaging, original content to satisfy your audience’s needs. Also, remember the importance of starting meaningful conversations with other brands on this platform, as they may be the customers your company needs.

Originally published July 12, 2019, updated October 18, 2019.

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