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Marketing Automation for B2B

Why is B2B Marketing Automation Important?

Emilio Garcia

You have probably heard about marketing automation and have seriously considered whether you should change the internal flow of manual action to an automated one.

Technology, in most cases, guarantees speed and efficiency, and this is why you should consider giving marketing automation a chance.

Marketing automation, as the name indicates, is the use of software to perform marketing actions in an automated way.

Thanks to these applications, a company can perform actions that would naturally be difficult to achieve efficiently, resulting in better products, improved control and monitoring.

The most relevant automation examples are lead nurturing (mass emails that are sent automatically after site visitors carry out a specific action) and lead scoring, procedures by which a business can evaluate at which stage of the purchase process is each one of the leads appearing on the company's database.

These two procedures are essential to convey users to the benefits that can be provided by the product or service offered by the company, therefore bringing them closer to the purchase.

Advantages of B2B Marketing Automation

Like all options of action in the industry, marketing automation has some definite advantages. For example, it allows developing complex marketing processes that, naturally would be difficult or could not be done quickly by manual work. Besides, it provides more efficiency, reducing costs and working time.

Thanks to this, the company obtains a greater control of the marketing actions, allowing a more detailed follow-up of the impact of each one of the activities that they implement so that it can modify them if it so requires.

Instead of having to separate your customers according to their needs and preferences manually, marketing automation allows you to automatically segment your database, creating segments based on the stage of the sales cycle in which your customers are located at a particular moment.

This segmentation process will allow you to reach the mind and heart of your clients more effectively. This way, your customers will receive messages with content that is relevant to their specific needs.

Marketing automation also allows designing the processes of educating and maturing a database automatically (lead nurturing).

Thanks to automation, emails and suitable content are delivered to the right user at the right time.

One of the main short-term benefits of using this technique are that they automatically detect the leads that are most prepared to receive a commercial offer, taking into account their profile and behavior with the company (lead scoring).

Manually cultivating each lead can take a long time, but above all directly affects the loss of it, along with the lack of efficiency. Therefore, a marketing automation solution helps to connect with them from the beginning of their interaction with your company's assets.

Through these same tools and techniques, you can find formulas that help you understand the user's behavior with a brand, web e-commerce, on a day-to-day basis, since he acquired the product.

Thanks to this knowledge, it is possible to design automated campaigns to generate more business and get more out of the relationship that a company has with each of the customers of its database.

However, these are not the only areas of the companies that can benefit from the use of automation tools. In addition to the ones you already know, you can find programs that help you with your social media marketing, metrics and analytics, and the general management of your marketing activities.

Don't trail behind!

The most visible advantages from technologies that make marketing automation possible have enabled more and more B2B companies to use strategies that include automation technology.

According to data released by Bold Digital and the marketing tech company, SimilarTech, more than 41% of companies in the United States use some type of marketing automation software.

What's more, according to Regalix, in 2015, over 79% of the B2Bs around the world used automation.

This year's data by Forrester Research shows that marketers will increase their investment in this sort of technologies by 27% over the next few years. This figure will only translate into more and better-qualified leads.

Marketing automation is here to stay and to facilitate the way you carry out your marketing actions, offering solutions that allow you to optimize both your time and your resources and thus obtain better results regarding customer conversion.

Marketing automation used correctly is a potent tool that generates excellent results for both small and large companies.

Originally published August 25, 2018, updated January 23, 2020.

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