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B2B Sales

Improve your B2B Sales Strategy with These Techniques

Emilio Garcia

Within the broad world of marketing, there are various practices and strategy types you can use to reach potential customers and increase your sales.

If you have a B2B-focused company (or you're looking to get into the business), here are some specifications and strategies that will help you to win customers and increase your sales in this area.

Getting started: What's B2B?

A B2B company (Business To Business) is a company that sells products or provides services to other companies. For example, a B2B can be a company that sells photocopiers, whose clients are offices, schools, and photocopying centers.

It means that B2B marketing works creating marketing strategies for a company focused on other companies.

Important points about B2B Sales

• It's aimed at smaller niches than B2C (Business To Customers).

• The buyer’s journey and the purchase decision process may be longer than in B2C.

• Industries tend to be more specialized and in need of tailored products and solutions.

• Clients tend to have a greater sense of fidelity towards a product or service.

Getting B2B customers

In the process of attracting B2B customers, several factors come into play. The loyalty mentioned in the previous point is based on a solid relationship between the sales staff of the company and the client.

The confidence generated by your company is crucial and can be achieved with actions such as having great technical support, a clean, updated website and a blog that creates trust and where content relevant to your customers is shared.

B2B sales strategies that have proven useful

1. Having an online presence with an optimized website where customers can find information that helps them with their needs.

2. Align marketing and sales departments. Your sales force is the one in the most direct contact with your customers; therefore, they are a handy source of feedback when evaluating marketing strategies.

3. Referrals. One of the best ways to attract new customers is through satisfied customers and their stories, which you can publish on your site.

Additionally, word of mouth through social media can also increase your potential customers and sales while generating trust in your brand and its products or services.

Integration with Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing activities are carried out focused on attracting potential customers to capture their interest and build trust. But it is not enough to attract visitors to your website, as it's necessary to convert those visitors into potential customers.

This can be achieved by giving useful information in exchange for information about your potential customers (emails, phone numbers, etc.).

From the collection of all the data, it is time to strengthen the relationship with them so that they go from being potential customers to your brand’s ambassadors.

B2B Sales in Social Media

Social networks can be a powerful tool to keep in touch with the customers and associates of your business. For archiving this goal, it is essential to maintain continuous monitoring of your social networks, combined with adequate planning and above all, sharing useful content to your previously defined audiences.

Social Selling

The concept behind Social Selling is to make use of social networks to connect with potential customers and joining them through the buyer’s journey.

It is not about selling directly on social networks, but rather to create a relationship with these potential customers to guide them in a process where a sale is achieved in the last step.

It is also important to know that talking only about you or your company or product is not advisable and that it is better to share information that is useful for your potential clients and target audience.

Business-to-business sales require knowing in depth who your ideal client is, and creating trusting relationships between your company and your clients.

Focusing on providing value and useful resources will allow you to attract potential customers and turn them into ambassadors of your brand without any additional spending.

In the long run, using these techniques will help you develop your business into a respected brand, as long as you always remember to keep all the other aspects of your company in order.

Originally published November 11, 2018, updated January 23, 2020.

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