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Display Ads and Inbound

Display Ads and Inbound Marketing: Can They Work Together?

Emilio Garcia

A Display Advertising plan is one of the most important parts of your brand’s Inbound Marketing strategy. Indeed, paid media will complement your organic reach efforts, taking your presence in digital media to the next level.

Therefore, you must carry out the right techniques to meet every goal you have set up. So, pay close attention to the next information.

Prospecting, or in other words, getting the customers you need (and deserve)

In a display ads and Inbound program, Prospecting means identifying your potential clients, according to their interests, hobbies and habits, through the different digital platforms they visit on a regular basis. Once you discover that audience, you need to drive them to your website.

Let’s say, you run a flower shop and your goal is to increase your conversion rate from 20% to 40%. So you launch a native advertising campaign, targeted to those users looking for everything to improve their gardens.

Once they notice your presence on those websites, they will be directed to your landing page to leave their information. After that first, priceless digital interaction, you can reach them through email to start a nurturing process. Eventually, you will get a new client, proving how important is the whole Prospecting process.

Does Remarketing work?

A fair amount of your website’s visitors will leave without performing any kind of action. That is completely normal, of course. Fortunately, Inbound Marketing offers a new way to conquer that runaway audience and it is called Remarketing.

This technique consists in displaying advertising to those potential clients on third-party websites, even days after they have visited you. In this way, each ad will let them know that your products are still available and, who knows? They even might get a better deal.

However, you must follow some rules to run a high-performance Remarketing campaign, explained as follows:

-Rely on great ad design: even if they showed no interest in your offer the first time they visited you, a powerful ad will conquer that audience the second or third time they see you. Pay attention to each element, from the title to the multimedia elements it includes. The content must be useful, relevant and attractive, all at the same time.

-Give them something extra to guarantee the conversion: it could be a 10% percent discount, a gift coupon, a free demo, or any other kind of valuable offer.

How do they work together?

Even though Display Advertising and Inbound Marketing might come from two very different branches of the marketing universe, it’s possible to create a synergy between both worlds. Let’s say you’ve invested significant amounts in driving traffic to your site, but, what happens after your prospects get there?

Under a traditional marketing model, they usually end up in a site filled with self-promotion and endless calls to acquire products or services immediately. But what you really need to create a relationship with the prospect is a connection, usually established through quality content crafted carefully to supply your prospect’s needs.

This is where Inbound comes into play: by developing a perfect content strategy, you’ll be able to complement both worlds by delivering quality, informative content without the need to aggressively advertise your products or services, as they’ll become interested in them organically after learning from the content you provided.

This way, you won’t be wasting your valuable efforts in display marketing, and at the same time, developing valuable relationships by providing answers to your future client’s questions. In this way, you’ll find it easier to generate revenue and a better ROI through time.

Cross-device advertising

This kind of marketing will be very useful for full-funnel campaigns through multiple devices. To reach the right audience, pay attention to the responsive design of your ads, as they should generate the same attention on a 5-inch phone screen, on a desktop computer, or any other media.

A display ads and Inbound Marketing strategy are the right combination to raise the audience’s interest in your brand, thus getting the clients you need to achieve your goals. To get the best results possible, implement the technique best suitable for your plan with a clear idea in mind: satisfying every single of your costumer's needs through different channels and media.

Originally published September 24, 2018, updated April 29, 2019.

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