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hubspot-cms-hub for-b2b-marketers

HubSpot CMS Hub for B2B Marketers

Emilio Garcia

In the contemporary digital era, a business website is a necessity to reach a broader demographic, increase business credibility, build customer rapport, and generate sales. However, managing a website can be strenuous and overwhelming. You may find yourself spending countless hours managing the site, rather than focusing on your business and customers.

Using a CMS for your website is among the best investments you can make to streamline your digital presence and business. It enhances site maintenance, simplifies design changes, cuts costs, and helps with content management. HubSpot acknowledges the importance of pain-free and seamless website management; as such, it has introduced the all-new CMS Hub.

What is HubSpot CMS Hub?

HubSpot CMS Hub is the newest member of HubSpot's broad collection of marketing and business development tools. It allows marketers to spend more time focusing on their customers, not systems by eliminating the hassle of managing a website.

You don't have to worry about the performance and security of your site. Also, you can create and edit content easily without a developer's help. CMS hub is the most remarkable step in the functionality and features of HubSpot CMS.

What Does HubSpot CMS Hub Mean for B2B Marketers?

HubSpot's CMS Hub provides numerous opportunities for B2B marketers and businesses. It offers features that enhance the performance and usability of websites on HubSpot's CMS. CMS Hub improves both marketers' and developers' editing experience to create immersive and valuable experiences on their websites. It accomplishes two objectives, namely.

  • Enhance the developer experience for building template and theme assets.
  • Enhance the marketer experience for crafting pages and blog posts.

Remarkable Tools and Features on CMS Hub

1. Themes

They allow marketers to update the look and feel of their sites without relying on developers. Marketers can leverage the drag and drop interface to edit pages. Developers can use local development workflow and the tools they prefer, not the prescribed ones.

2. Drag and Drop Page Editor

It enables B2B marketers managing their website on HubSpot CMS to:

  • Create and customize marketing assets without developers' help.
  • Arrange modules from an optimized user interface.

3. Global Content Editor

Forget about editing global modules on the design manager tool and making font and color changes on code. With the global content editor, you can edit global areas of your site effortlessly. Whether you want to amend the color, font, or any other global style of your website, you can do it easily with the new 'Theme Settings' tool.  

4. Serverless Functions

While these tools are great for developers, they also have benefits for marketers. Serverless functions create many possibilities for displaying data on your HubSpot site. They create app-like experiences on your website.

For instance, rather than publishing your e-books as downloadable PDFs, you can develop an e-book reader module. The module offers a better experience for site visitors and provides analytics such as the chapters a user spent the most time to the CRM.

HubSpot CMS Hub Tiers

CMS Hub has a professional tier and Enterprise tier so that B2B marketers are no longer held back by clunky content management systems that need enormous maintenance and make marketers work hard. The two tiers have features that allow marketers and developers to work well within the CMS.

CMS Hub Professional

It is the 'next evolution of the current HubSpot CMS.' It has a broad range of features such as themes, SEO tools, forms, live chat, and HubSpot CRM for B2B enterprises to create pleasant customer experiences. CMS Hub Professional costs $300 per month.

CMS Hub Enterprise

CMS Hub Enterprise has all the features and tools in CMS Hub Professional and more to create compelling web experiences and deliver delightful customer experiences. It costs $900 monthly.

B2B marketers no longer need technical stacks made up of numerous tools from different software providers. CMS Hub streamlines the required technical stack into a single platform to build compelling and dynamic marketing experiences.

With CMS Hub Enterprise, marketers can develop membership areas. They can produce content for select lists and contact groups. Membership areas are ideal for displaying contact-unique content and hence delivering personalized experiences for crucial segments in your audience.

Boundify at Work

Website migrations and redesigns can be stressful and overwhelming. However, with Boundify, you migrate without migraines. Boundify can help your business migrate websites to HubSpot CMS to enjoy the benefits and features listed above. Also, it can assist with redesigning your website. Below are three case studies of Boundify working with clients to migrate websites to HubSpot CMS.

1. Summit Solar

It is a renowned solar energy company offering simple solutions for homeowners to save money and the planet. Summit Solar was unhappy about the design and structure of their website because it did not reflect the company's offerings. The company needed to refresh the look and layout of its website, enhance the site's lead generation, and add several features to it.

Sick of its old website, Summit Solar approached Boundify for a redesign. Boundify worked with Summit Solar's marketing team to choose a suitable theme to suit its needs. It used HubSpot Sales tools such as Meetings and Livechat to enhance lead generation and Typeform integration to boost customer support. Summit Solar's new website offered the marketing team a platform to expand their reach and market share.

2. Gentor

The company offers innovative solutions for a sustainable environment in Mexico. It desired to refresh and redesign its website to reflect its focus, values, culture, and vision. Gentor also wanted a fresh design within a consolidated platform such as HubSpot CMS.

Boundify worked with Gentor to create a website that allows fast and easy navigation and a streamlined experience for Gentor's marketing team.

3. Aartik Solutions

The company is a sales cloud consultant. It wanted a modern-looking website that echoed its brand and expertise in Salesforce consulting. Boundify did not disappoint and helped the firm attain a modern-looking site that offers an excellent customer experience.

The Takeaway

Forget about all the pain and complexities of managing a business website. HubSpot CMS Hub is a simple yet powerful platform for website management. It offers speed, security, and scalability to businesses regardless of size.

With CMS Hub, developers can build utilizing flexible themes and content structures, B2B marketers can edit and create pages seamlessly, and customers get a pleasant experience. In a nutshell, everyone wins.

Originally published July 20, 2020, updated July 20, 2020.

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