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ppc and content marketing strategy

How to Run a Successful PPC and Content Marketing Strategy

Emilio Garcia

Creating an effective strategy that combines both PPC and Content Marketing will enhance the digital visibility of your brand. But why? Pay attention to the following points.

How to Achieve a Successful Strategy?

Investing in pay-per-click campaigns is a good way to bring traffic to your website and boosting your conversion rate; you just must pay a fee each time a user clicks on your ad. However, the first aspect you should remember is that high-quality content is the key to a successful campaign.

Therefore, you should answer an important question: whenever a user clicks on your ad, will they be directed to a platform great enough to provide them relevant and useful information so they can make the best buying decision possible?

If the answer is negative, then it is time to get down to work and considering the next advice:

It must be high-quality content

This means users won't be distracted by grammar, spelling or stylistic mistakes. In addition, this content should effortlessly offer enough detail to the audience about the products and services they are looking for.

The more you know about your audience, the more likely that your content will remain relevant. So, run regular market studies to find out more about your consumer’s habits and preferences.

It must be trustworthy enough to attract different segments of the target audience

Once you have all the information of your Buyer Personas (purchasing habits, personal goals, social media platforms usually used and points of view), it is time to build your brand’s reputation by the authenticity of your content.

Therefore, your information must be fresh, factual and backed up by high prestige sources. You can include links, citations, white papers, testimonials or videos in order to boost your site's credibility.

Types of Content Marketing

A content marketing strategy is an excellent starting point to achieve the organic traffic your company needs. But which are the best content marketing practices?

  • Blogs: It's the most popular for small businesses. Producing evergreen posts is the best way to stay visible on Google top searches.
  • Videos: Nowadays, consumers prefer visually engaging videos.
  • Infographics: An easy way to explain statistics or detailed information through eye-catching visual elements.
  • E-books: These are used to give more valuable information; topics are commonly described on 6 to 10 pages.

Other types of content marketing strategies are case studies, white papers, checklists, interviews, social media posts, GIFs and Memes. With these practices, your chances of success will increase.

Rely on SEO All the Time

The optimization of your content through the right SEO techniques is critical to stand out in the search engines. So, you may design the best pay-per-click ads, but at the same time, you may overlook most SEO aspects, for instance. In this way, the users will pay attention to your advertising campaign, which is great for promotion. Nevertheless, your brand also needs to rank high on Google by means of SEO optimized content.

SEO is the aspect that will give your brand the chance to attract new clients consistently. Thus, each time a user makes a web search related to your niche, your content will be organically displayed in the SERP. In the same way, your ad will also be featured. In both cases, the audience will be redirected to a blog, website or landing page containing high-quality information, without exception, creating a perfect synergy between PPC and Content Marketing strategies.

Learn How to Design Spectacular Ads

Several online platforms offer valuable tools to design ads powerful enough to connect with the audience. Creative, amusing and interesting advertisements should include features such as:

  • Visually engaging content.
  • The right use of keywords, considering search queries that might be used by potential customers.
  • An attractive ad copy. The audience should get the information they need about the product or service they are interested in quickly and accurately.
  • Each type of media requires a specific kind of ad. Thus, PPC advertising for Instagram or Facebook will be substantially different from Google ads, for instance.

The combination of PPC and Content Marketing strategies involves great effort, but it will be worth it. Thanks to this duality you will attract the audience that your brand needs through trust-building content and impressive ads to get the clicks you require.

Originally published March 11, 2019, updated February 28, 2020.

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