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Social Media B2B Lead Generation Strategies

Emilio Garcia

Since every day millions of users interact through different Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest, you must take a closer look at the best B2B lead generation strategies if you want to turn them into loyal customers.

Social Media B2B Lead Generation Statistics

To understand a little bit more about the relevance of social platforms in today's society, let's consider some compelling statistics:

  • 76% of Americans connected to the Internet use Social Media. It means that you might be already missing out to reach and engage with most of your potential clients; those who are checking their Facebook feeds or enjoying some quality videos on YouTube right now.
  • 66% of marketers saw lead generation benefits with as little input as six hours of work per week. You can enhance your brand recognition and image by creating a more significant Social Media strategy.
  • Companies using Twitter can generate twice as many leads than those that do not, while 45% of marketers have gained new clients through LinkedIn. By choosing the right social media platform, it will be easier to reach your leads and attract them to your product.

Now, let’s get to the point. Where should your company start to get the best results possible?

1. Profile Optimization

Your Social Media profiles should tell a brief but interesting story about your brand to engage users at first sight. For example.

On Facebook

The most successful social network is also an important business platform right now. Actually, 89% of B2B companies use it for lead generation.

  • Keep it simple. When creating your “Vanity URL”, include your brand name and avoid any special characters so your leads can find you fast and easily.
  • Include all the relevant and interesting information for your leads. Leverage the “about” section by including phones, company address, business hours and any valuable data for your potential customers.
  • Invite your leads through a Call to Action: Include CTA's like “Contact Us”, “Sign Up” or “Watch Video” to encourage them to land into high-quality pages with all the information they need before closing the deal.

On Twitter

According to Weidert, Twitter is the second most important media platform for B2B purposes as it allows direct custom interaction by providing insightful content.

  • Welcome your leads with a convincing and reliable message. In less than 160 characters, you must describe what your company does and why they should make business with you. Avoid tricks, useless words, phrases or inappropriate humor.
  • The header picture must be impressive. Include your logo and a catchy slogan. You can play with different shapes and sizes to find a design that fits with your brand image.
  • Pinned tweet. Use this feature to include a CTA to drive enough conversions through this social platform.

On LinkedIn

LinkedIn drives around 80% of B2B social media leads and it is the favorite social network of most CEOs.

  • Complete your profile. You need a compelling introduction that includes the right keywords to boost your SEO strategy. Attract new leads with a message powerful enough to make them trust in you through the whole lead generation process.

2. Get to know your audience

  • Design Buyer Personas. Run proper research on your audience’s habits, desires, and online behavior. After collecting this information shape your Buyer Personas to know for what kind of audience you will be creating your content.

3. Pay attention to Social Selling

Once you know your audience, learn how to sell your services in every different social media platform.

  • Facebook. Create a content strategy that links with your corporate blog as well as short videos and infographics. Also, track your results through Facebook analytics to find out what kind of content is generating the most valuable leads.
  • Twitter. Take a look at their doubts or comments and provide effective solutions. Let them know that your company represents a valuable source by answering their questions as fast as possible.
  • LinkedIn. Companies looking for your services on LinkedIn will find you through selected keywords, so optimize your SEO content to increase your page visibility. Start a dialogue with each one of them and let them know that you are able to provide meaningful solutions.
  • Instagram. Take advantage of IGTV and post visually engaging videos to attract the right type of leads. This content should show how your company can make a difference and why your services or products are the best choices available.
  • YouTube. This is the best platform for a Video Marketing  campaign, so keep your videos short but engaging and include the right hashtags.

4. Captivate them with free trials

It doesn’t mean you should give away your products or services. However, plan a strategy where they can find out more about the quality of your offer before making the final decision. Some ideas to achieve it include:

  • Free eBooks with information about your products and services.
  • Webinars and live streaming to answer relevant questions.
  • If you offer online digital services, a 15 or 30-day free trial will be an excellent way to engage your new customers. These free tests will turn a part of your leads into loyal clients later.

Start your Social Media B2B Lead generation strategy today and track your results. Millions of potential customers are waiting for you and some of them will become your business strategic partners for good.

Originally published September 30, 2019, updated October 18, 2019.

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