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video ads and inbound

Video Ads and Inbound Marketing: How to Make Your Plan Work

Emilio Garcia

The ever-changing digital environment is continuously demanding new types of content to deliver powerful messages to your target audience. One of the most sought-after formats is video content, one of the most profitable ways to engage with your audience these days. Additionally, a PPC video campaign yields even better results than a text-only advertising plan.

Video is the most appealing content format you can offer to your consumers. According to Statista, 11.8% of the worldwide audience watches 4 to 7 hours of video per week, and 8.7% of them enjoys over 10 hours of video content during that same period. Furthermore, video digital viewers in the US will reach 232 million by 2020.

Video Ads and Inbound Marketing: a winning formula

Video ads have evolved as a marketing tool during the last years. The main characteristics of video content are a text-based ad, as words are essential to send a message to your future clients. However, video content gets your audience’s attention at first sight by telling them an engaging story full of color, music, and emotion in just a few seconds.

  1. Video ads completion reached an overall 70% in 2017, thanks to efforts from creative marketing teams working to produce engaging, attractive and touching video content.
  2. During the same year, companies spent around $13.23 billion to produce video ads. And that number could reach the $22 billion mark by 2021.
  3. Most users (64%) say that watching a video ad on Facebook, for example, made them complete a purchase.

A 60-second video ad could generate more leads than thousands of words: video ads on landing pages increase conversions by 86%, and this is just one example.

Branded video sharing has increased by 99% on YouTube and 258% on Facebook from 2016 to 2017. It is estimated that people watch around 100 million hours of video on Facebook every day. On the other hand, tweets featuring videos are shared six more times. Big companies have paid attention to these figures to launch top-notch Inbound Marketing campaigns on social media, thus increasing their ratio conversions.

Moreover, an educational video ad campaign is a great way to attract leads by giving them the relevant information they need before buying your product or hiring your service. So use this opportunity to instruct your users and get them to know your company’s vision and goals while inviting them to explore your offer.

So, how can you start a Video Ads and Inbound Marketing strategy today?

Since this is your audience’s favorite format, start creating Inbound Marketing campaigns based on engaging videos to attract users looking for answers to their multiple needs during every stage of the funnel. To maximize the output, pay attention to these tips:

  • Produce video ads based on SEO: Use your keywords during the video and include those terms in the text description to differentiate your video from thousands of others competing to get your clients attention. In consequence, your video will have a more significant impact on the search results if the content is produced regularly.
  • More engaging content: Creating short, polished and entertaining content is essential when we talk about that 45% of viewers stop watching videos that are over one minute. Clients are in search of eye-catching video ads and inbound content that relate to them in a more personal way. Hence the need to optimize your social media campaigns through alluring video advertising programs targeted to every segment of your audience.
  • Quality is essential:To make sure that your content will be seen by millions of people out there, you must make sure that the quality of it is what your audiences are expecting. Even if you produce content just using your smartphone, the standard definition for all your videos should be at least full HD. Of course, 4K content is also becoming more popular, so remember this while setting up your campaign.
  • Include an appealing Call to Action: Your message would be incomplete without great CTA buttons to direct the leads to a landing page or individual sales platform.

Video advertising must be part of your Inbound Marketing plan because of the way it engages with the audience, attracts leads and increases your conversion rate. So, design a strategy based on quality optimization, compelling storytelling and the right use of selected keywords to get the best results possible.

Originally published December 12, 2018, updated May 30, 2019.

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