The Power of Facebook Ads

The Power of Facebook Ads Campaigns

Being the largest social network with billions of active users around the world, Facebook has become the default social media channel for promoting your brand, business, product or service.

Our PPC campaigns will help you increase your page fans, that you target audience view, comment, share and get viral your best content and above all, to become a primary driver for traffic, leads and new customers for your website and business.

Why Facebook Ads?

Paid Search excels at intent, meaning that is an excellent tool to put your product or service in front of people that is looking for it at just the right moment. However, Facebook offers something that might be as important; context.

The aggregate data about their users in the form of demographics, interests, and behaviors coupled with an adequate targeting can make of this social network an unmatched tool to reach your ideal customers.

Why Facebook Ads?
Is Facebook Ads Right for Me

Is Facebook Ads right for me?

If you already capture your most valued leads with an AdWords campaign and are looking for new business opportunities reaching to people that are not aware of your product or service and therefore is not looking for it, Facebook Ads could be ideal for you.

Other great reason to start a Facebook Ads campaign is to get leads at a more competitive cost per action than AdWords. Usually industries with large investments in Search makes hard to new players to get get exposure. Facebook can help you to get traction and understand your customer's life time value to justified an investment on other ad networks.

Why Boundify?

Here at Boundify, our business is growing yours. This philosophy helps us work every day with our clients to archive their goals reach their objectives through successful pay per click campaigns.

In an increasingly connected world, the key to archive success in modern business requires the implementation of an adequate digital marketing strategy. After helping many clients to get results on PPC marketing, our objective is to make sure that each time, fewer people and business waste their potential on expensive and unproductive PPC campaigns.

Our approach is simple. We develop pay per click campaigns to send qualified traffic to your website or landing page; we optimize the experience to get the highest number of conversions and track and monitor lead forms, calls, live chats, and transactions.

Using web analytics, we measure and optimized the cost of acquisition and its impact on what matters, business results.

Why Boundify