Conversation with Twitter Ads

Get into the Conversation with Twitter Ads

Twitter has become into a significant space for sharing ideas and setting global trends.

Get the most of its dynamism and growth with an ad campaign that will allow you to grow your followers, get your message to your target audience and incentive them to comment, share and mention your brand, product or service.

Why Twitter Ads?

Twitter shares some of the user's context strength of Facebook but adds an interesting twist. The ability to target users based not just on their interests and behaviors but also on which Twitter accounts they follow.

This unique feature will help you reach potential customers based on very flexible definitions of your competition or your industry.

Competition Twitter Ads
Audience Twitter Ads

Is Twitter Ads Right for Me?

Twitter is a versatile network in the sense that you can reach your target audience by intent using keywords or by context using demographics, interests, and behaviors.

Its particular characteristics allow you to interact and be part of your prospect's conversation immediately, converting it in the network of choice to influence a be part of the trends in your industry.


Why Boundify?

Here at Boundify, our business is growing yours. This philosophy helps us work every day with our clients to archive their goals reach their objectives through successful pay per click campaigns.

In an increasingly connected world, the key to archive success in modern business requires the implementation of an adequate digital marketing strategy. After helping many clients to get results on PPC marketing, our objective is to make sure that each time, fewer people and business waste their potential on expensive and unproductive PPC campaigns.

Our approach is simple. We develop pay per click campaigns to send qualified traffic to your website or landing page; we optimize the experience to get the highest number of conversions and track and monitor lead forms, calls, live chats, and transactions.

Using web analytics, we measure and optimized the cost of acquisition and its impact on what matters, business results.