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Keyword Research: Top vs Bottom of the Funnel



When doing keyword research for your brand as part of your initial SEO strategy, should you focus only on commercial intent keywords, or should you also invest time in educational terms?

Here is Tim Lowry's answer to this question during our webinar about a winning keyword strategy.

Video Transcription

Emilio Garcia 0:00

Because this is a very interesting concept that you're presenting, I think most people will be familiar with, with the idea of keywords. Of course, you're right, and maybe they will get some confusion between the ads and the organic result. But once you have settled on that, one question that I have is most people request your help with the commercial side of the organic results for the business or more for the educational portion? And the second question would be, and it doesn't matter if they're asked one or the other, what is the way that you usually recommend? Right? Where do you start? When you Yeah. conflicting efforts, I guess.

Tim Lowry 0:45

Yeah, um, obviously, many times, people are very much revenue driven whenever they're thinking about getting people to their site. And that's, that's fine. And that's good, we will obviously, we want to have traffic that converts. But at the same time, if you focus purely on that bottom of the funnel, or on the commercial side, it's fine if you rank those pages, but if people aren't familiar with the brand, if you're not a household and being an e commerce, a lot of times, you know, I could go up to bat against something like a Home Depot or Lowe's, let's say, and those are very trusted brands. So if you're not known, and you show, you know, as position two or three among those people may be more inclined to click on the brand they're familiar with. Whereas if you've proven yourself with good content and other things prior to the person making that transition to making the purchase, there's going to already be some trust established around your brand. So usually, the way I presented or how I would connect with the client on this is, it's like, yes, we want to optimize and fix those pages that need to be fixed for the commercial intent side of it. But we want to build out content that helps those pages not only rank better, but also build out your funnel at different stages of the journey.

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