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Lead Nurturing For Long Sales Cycles



How does lead nurturing works for long sales cycles?

When the time to close a deal and its value is significant, a closer collaboration between marketing and sales is vital.

Learn what Stefano Gasbarrino, Senior Channel Account Manager at HubSpot as to say about the topic during our webinar: Increasing Value and Reducing Cost Through Marketing Automation.

Video Transcription

Emilio Garcia 0:00

I think we have a question here from Danna, she said and probably is not gonna be seen on the screen completely. So I read it, can you keep example of nurturing a lead for a product or system that has a longer, longer sales cycle, for example, an automated system in a manufacturing plant or water treatment system for a utility that has, you know, between 18 and 48 months sale cycle, it's a big purchase, right? Something between 700k and 5 million.

Stefano Gasbarrino 0:33

What I would recommend is working with your sales and marketing teams. So what kind of outreach and communication are your sales teams doing? What kind of outreach and communication are your marketing teams doing?

What kind of nurturing content things like that pertaining also to the actions that that person has taken. So that's what's really important going back to that matrix of fit and interest with that interest or with the actions they have taken, that shows me that they're in that product or service.

And if there's none of that kind of content and things like that have downloaded to nurture along that process, also building a sales enablement. Team internally is also really important. So what kind of content that sells nibble team can give to that sales team to communicate with that prospect during this one process. But make sure to check in and nurture them throughout that whole process. Obviously, you want to be going months without talking to them. Because you never know what happens. Yeah.

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