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Customer Stories that Sell


May 21, 2020 10:00 AM US/Eastern

Tooting your own horn only goes so far. Customer stories provide third-party evidence that your business can deliver what it promises.

Results-focused customer stories show prospects what companies like theirs are accomplishing using your products or services. They make the job of your sales team easier since they illustrate why choosing your company is a smart decision.

But writing customer stories that sell is both an art and a science. This webinar will help you master the combination to create more effective stories.


Laura MacPherson
B2B SaaS Copywriter & Content Strategist, Ideally

Laura is a marketing strategist and writer with over a decade of experience working with marketing teams at B2B SaaS companies. She helps her clients attract and convert more ideal customers by optimizing their content strategy and developing more effective content for prospective buyers at each stage in the funnel.

Her work is based on insights gained from helping dozens of SaaS and tech companies boost their marketing KPIs and from her time working as a marketing manager for a HubSpot Platinum marketing agency and a sales training company.

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