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Boundify Service Catalog


Paid Media Services

Creation of Advertising Accounts

For customers without advertising accounts, Boundify will help them to set up new accounts on each platform. Boundify will set up proper agency access and advice on how to enter billing information into them when applicable. Most platforms accept payment by credit or debit card.

Campaigns, Ad Groups, and Ads Creation

Boundify will implement new campaigns, ad groups, and ads based on customer's goals. The implementation will include defining audiences based on demographics, keywords, placements, topics or interests according to the parameters of each platform.

It also includes creating ads in text, images or video formats, suitable for viewing on desktops, tablets, and smartphones. Professional ad copy, advanced graphic design or video production is quoted separately.

Campaign Optimization

All parameters of the campaign will be improved periodically. Among the improvements to be made depending on the managed platforms can include:

  • Setup of new ads and suspension of underperforming ones.
  • Setup of new keywords and suspension of underperforming ones.
  • Setup of negative keywords.
  • Management of placements, topics, and demographics based on performance.
  • A/B testing to improve the conversion rate of landing pages.
  • Adjustments to the bid strategy and budgets based on performance.
  • Identifying new inventory opportunities in the form of keywords, demographics or interests.
  • Creating new ad groups, new campaigns or new landing pages according to the needs of the account.

Landing Pages

Boundify will set up landing pages that include lead forms and a telephone number so that visitors can turn into leads. These landing pages follow design best practices and are not subject to any change beyond text and images to customize according to the customer's brand.

Remarketing and Similar Audiences

A script will be implemented to monitor visits to the website and landing pages and allow us to target users who have already visited the website for a second or more times but did not turn into leads. We will also leverage the client's traffic and leads and customer information to define and target similar audiences.

Integrations: Email Marketing - Marketing Automation - CRMs

Boundify will be able to integrate our landing pages with email marketing, marketing automation and CRM platforms that will automatically send lead's contact details generated by the ad campaigns.

Conversion Notifications

Contact Forms

For contact forms filled in our landing pages, the customer will receive a notification sent to one or more email addresses. An email with the information captured by your lead for reference and follow-up.

Phone Calls

The customer will also receive a notification in the form of an email sent to one or more email addresses with information relating to the call, duration, source and recording for proper monitoring and follow-up.

Performance Reports

Boundify will send performance reports with a weekly and monthly frequency. The reports will include Key Performance Indicators (KPIs ) based on the objectives of the campaigns. These reports will be forwarded automatically to the designated mailing list for notifications and reports.

Conference Calls

Web conferences will be held with the customer to discuss optimizations made and proposals for change in strategy and changes to the campaign's budget.


Inbound Marketing Services

Inbound Strategy and Buyer Personas

The key to achieving successful Inbound campaigns is to define an appropriate strategy that allows you to connect with your ideal customer profile and be part of the buying cycle of your buyer persona to attract qualified traffic that translates into new and better prospects and greater business opportunities.

We will help you define an appropriate strategy according to your buyer journey, considering original content with which you already might have as eBooks, use cases or sales collateral material.

Website Analytics

It’s critical to make sure your website is built for success with inbound marketing. We’ll work with your team to make sure that your website has the proper tracking and analytics to measure and improve lead generation.

Inbound Campaigns for Lead Generation

The heart of our Inbound strategy is based on the definition, implementation, and improvement of lead generation campaigns.

Based on the strategy defined during the first month of service, we will implement lead generation campaigns supported by topic clusters, pillar pages, premium content, blog posts, landing pages, follow-up emails, workflows and promotion in social media.

Pillar Pages

The central axis of lead generation campaigns is the concept of a pillar page. This strategy will allow us to define a core topic relevant to your buyer persona and build around it a pillar page that will be supported by publications on the blog with related subtopics.

Premium Content

A premium content offer in the form of an eBook, case study, white paper or similar content will be associated with each pillar page. This component will help us transform qualified traffic into leads.

Blog Posts

Supporting the pillar page, we will produce throughout the year, content around the subtopics related to the core topic, which will strengthen the presence of your website in the search engines while also providing relevant content for your email subscribers.

Curation and Promotion of Content

For each post and content offer, we’ll handle promotion on Twitter, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. We will also curate and share related content to build relationships and reciprocity with experts in your industry.

Lead Generation Sequence

An effective offer path means that we create calls-to-action, landing pages, the appropriate forms, thank-you pages, and follow-up emails that all work together.

Automated Workflows

We’ll set up workflows that help move leads down the buyer funnel as they enjoy more content and build their confidence in your company.

On-page SEO

We’ll make sure that each page of content is optimized to get the most from organic search.

CRM and Marketing-Sales Alignment

In order to close the loop on our ROI reporting, we’ll help you take advantage of your HubSpot CRM.

We’ll help you align your marketing and sales efforts to close more sales from your online leads. By doing so, we’ll be able to report specific ROI on your marketing dollars.

Consulting and Reporting

We’ll provide ongoing strategy and monthly reporting of our progress so you can feel confident that things are moving forward. We’ll provide this counsel through phone calls/web-meetings.

We’ll also spend time helping you analyze your existing results, and strategizing for each next step, outside the time frames of these meetings.

HubSpot Management, Training, and Support

We’ll handle all the details of running the HubSpot tool. But we’ll also show your team how to use all of the tools, including workflows, list segmentation, landing pages, etc.

Our goal is to serve as a partner over the next 12 months and not to operate separately from your company. We want you to know how the platform works, and how your employees can use it successfully.