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4 Step Process to Better Customer Stories




Do you have a defined process to create better customer stories that sell? Here is a sneak peek to the 4-step process that Laura MacPherson shared during our webinar about customer stories that sell.

Video Transcription

Laura MacPherson 0:00

Here's the agenda; we're gonna be talking about the four-step process, which is the first step is to identify which stories you actually need. Maybe you have some already, but then how do you decide you know which customers to target and what to talk about and all of that.

The second step is to build an interview guide. And this is going to help you in your interview.

The third is to create a pitch kit to encourage participation because this is a big challenge that a lot of b2b, especially marketers, face, is you know, how to get customers to actually agree to spend the time and all of that.

And then finally, is the structure that we're going to talk through that you can use to build your customer stories.

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