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Creating Effective B2B Landing Pages



Think of your landing pages as digital sales reps who are gathering information about potential customers.

The great thing about these digital sales reps is that they work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. At the same time, by gathering information about your website visitors, you can build relationships with your leads so that your real sales reps can focus on the most qualified contacts.

During this Boundify webinar, you’ll learn all about landing pages for B2B companies: when to use them, how to make them, and some tips and tricks for optimizing them for continued success.


Emilio Garcia
Managing Partner, Boundify

Emilio is a data-driven B2B marketing specialist focused on demand generation as well as a certified paid media, inbound marketing, and sales enablement professional.

As founder and managing partner at Boundify, Emilio works with marketing managers and executives of B2B technology companies who need faster growth but are frustrated by unprofitable digital marketing efforts that no longer work.

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