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Client Terms of Service

Boundify Client Terms of Service

Last Modified: November 17, 2019

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This is a contract between you (the Client) and us (Boundify). It describes the services we will provide to you, how we will work together, and other aspects of our business relationship. It is a legal document, but we have tried to make it as readable as possible. These terms are so important that we cannot provide our services to you unless you agree to them. By using our services, you are agreeing to these terms. We periodically update these terms.


1. Domain. The client must have access to his domain to implement landing pages on a subdomain of his property.

2. Website. The client must have access to his website to deploy scripts and/or pixels in order to track conversions and calls generated on your website.

3. Ad Accounts. The client must have access to their advertising accounts on platforms to promote. Boundify can create accounts if not exist during the implementation phase of the service.

4. Contact Database. The client must have access to databases to deploy custom audiences. 

5. Ad Spend. The customer must pay directly to the advertising account with your payment method accepted by the platform (typically credit or debit card ). Boundify can help in the discharge of payment methods but is not responsible for the risk involved disclosure to third parties.

6. Funds Availability. It is the client's responsibility to keep current and backup payment methods to balance their campaign at all times. Boundify it is not responsible for the interruption of service by the advertising platforms in the absence of funds, the expiration of cards or rejection of payment processors.


1. Notice of Non-Renewal. Your subscription will automatically renew according to the terms described in your proposal.

Unless otherwise specified in your proposal, to prevent renewal of your subscription, you or we must give written notice of non-renewal and this written notice must be received no less than ten (10) days in advance of the end of the subscription.