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Waste Collection & Management Company Boosted Business Opportunities Through Paid Media

We collaborated closely with ECON to significantly enhance its online presence. Through this fruitful partnership, we were able to redesign, optimize, and strategically position ECON's digital presence.

The Results

Our Impact in Figures



We doubled the volume of traffic to the landing pages.


Clicks / Month

The number of monthly clicks grew by over 20%.


Qualified Leads

We increased qualified leads by over 65%.

The Challenge

ECON sought to boost the volume of prospects and business opportunities through their digital channels.

They aimed to enhance the effectiveness of their paid media campaigns to expedite business growth.

The Goal

We set clear objectives to overcome the challenge. Our goals were:

  1. Redesign the Landing Page: Craft an engaging and functional user experience.
  2. Optimize Advertising Campaigns: Maximize the reach and effectiveness of paid campaigns on Google Ads and Facebook Ads.
  3. Enhance Positioning: Implement SEO strategies to increase visibility and ranking on search engines.

Our Solution

Our comprehensive approach encompassed:

  • Landing Page Redesign: We crafted an intuitive and appealing interface that highlighted ECON' services and facilitated navigation.
  • Campaign Optimization: We configured and enhanced paid search, display, and discovery campaigns on Google Ads, along with campaigns on Facebook Ads, maximizing reach and relevance.
  • SEO Positioning Enhancement: We implemented effective SEO strategies, elevating ECON' ranking in key search results.

About ECON 

ECON is a company specializing in the collection, comprehensive management, and proper disposal of urban, commercial, and industrial solid waste.

Renowned for providing comprehensive solutions in waste management and disposal, they are dedicated to environmental preservation at every stage of the process.

From the initial collection to the final disposal, they meticulously oversee each phase of comprehensive waste management to ensure sustainable and responsible practices.

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“Boundify has proven to be an invaluable strategic partner for ECON. Their proactive approach, creativity, and profound understanding of the digital landscape have been crucial to the success of our campaigns.”
Leticia Martinez

Marketing Manager, Econ

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