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Software Company: 4X Increase in Opportunities With Demand Generation

ScopeStack entrusted Boundify with the task of driving demand generation and qualified leads. Through digital marketing, advertising, and automation strategies, we achieved substantial growth in their key metrics.

The Results

Our Impact in Figures



Through our demand generation strategies, we acquired 4x more opportunities.



We successfully elevated the web traffic by 40%


Clicks / Month

A surge of 120% increase in clicks compared to the previous year was observed with RollWorks.

The Challenge

Despite possessing a robust product, ScopeStack faced challenges in acquiring an adequate number of prospects and business opportunities. Their marketing campaigns generated minimal engagement, and conversions remained low.

They required a comprehensive demand generation strategy to:

  • Expand their reach to the ideal audience.
  • Enhance the key metrics of their campaigns.
  • Attain more qualified leads and opportunities.
  • Accelerate the sales process.

The Goals

In collaboration with the ScopeStack team, we set the following objectives:

  1. Boost the conversion rate of campaigns.
  2. Increase the quantity of opportunities.
  3. Achieve a positive return on investment.
  4. Decrease the sales cycle time.

Our Solution

We implemented a comprehensive strategy that included:

  • Audience and keyword research: Conducted in-depth analysis of buyer personas and ScopeStack's audience interests to guide campaigns.
  • Advertising account management: Oversaw Google Ads, LinkedIn, and RollWorks accounts, optimizing existing campaigns and creating new ones.
  • Creation of ads and landing pages: Designed highly-converting ads and landing pages tailored to customer needs.
  • Web analytics: Installed Google Analytics to monitor performance and attribute prospects and revenues.
  • Integration with HubSpot: Linked HubSpot CRM for a comprehensive customer journey tracking.
  • Optimization: Conducted A/B testing, analyzed data, and proactively optimized campaigns.
  • Marketing automation: Implemented email flows and chatbots to nurture leads throughout the process.

About ScopeStack

Established in 2018, ScopeStack provides a cutting-edge CPQ software platform that assists businesses in closing sales quickly and efficiently. Its solutions automate quoting, product configuration, and contracting processes to expedite the sales cycle.

Primarily catering to the enterprise software market, ScopeStack aids companies of all sizes in boosting their revenues. Their user-centric and flexible platform has proven to enhance the productivity of sales teams.

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“Boundify not only embraced our challenge but also approached it with creativity and expertise that completely overhauled our marketing strategy, yielding tangible results that directly impact our key metrics.”
Jon Scott

Co-Founder & CEO, ScopeStack

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