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A Local Media Company Enhances its Efficiency Through the Implementation of HubSpot CRM.

Explore how we collaborated closely with the 6AM City team to comprehend their requirements, assess processes and individuals, and execute a comprehensive implementation that has bolstered their growth on the platform.

The Results

Our Impact in Figures

The Challenge

6AM City encountered the challenge of optimizing its sales operations in a constantly growing environment. The necessity to scale the team and leverage the full capabilities of HubSpot CRM prompted the quest for an expert solution.

Discover the obstacles we confronted and successfully overcame together.

The Goals

Our objectives were evident from the outset:

  1. Implement HubSpot CRM to centralize customer data.
  2. Map and optimize the sales process within HubSpot.
  3. Train the sales team in the utilization of HubSpot and its tools.
  4. Guide and advise the team in managing dashboards and reports.

Our Solution

With our solution, we have laid the groundwork for sustainable growth and enduring operational effectiveness.


To enhance the performance of the 6AM City sales team, we devised a comprehensive strategy aligning every aspect of the process with HubSpot's recommended practices.

Our journey began by configuring HubSpot CRM, tailoring each object, property, and association to precisely fit the specific needs of 6AM City.


Furthermore, we seamlessly integrated essential tools, such as PandaDoc and Calendly, with HubSpot, establishing a unified ecosystem that enhances operational efficiency and fosters seamless collaboration.


Training played a pivotal role in our solution. We conducted exhaustive sessions for both the sales team and upper management, ensuring they were fully acquainted and proficient in the effective use of the platform.

This measure not only ensured swift adoption but also laid the foundation for strategic and optimal utilization of all HubSpot features.


Lastly, to offer a clear view of performance and facilitate informed decision-making, we enabled tracking of key metrics through the setup of custom reports and dashboards.

This real-time monitoring capability not only enhances process visibility but also allows for continuous adjustments to further optimize the performance of the 6AM City sales team.

About 6AM City

6AM City is reshaping the landscape of local media as the fastest-growing local media company, placing newsletters at the core of its offering.

It stands out as the premier company in local media, delivering the most relevant local news and events that you need to know.

Its vision revolves around constructing communities driven by conversation, designed to educate and activate the cities we call home.

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“Collaborating with Boundify has proven to be a transformative experience for 6AM City. Their commitment to a thorough understanding of our needs and processes, coupled with their meticulous approach to implementing HubSpot CRM, has made a substantial impact on our growth and operational efficiency.”
Ryan Heafy

Co-Founder & COO, 6AM City

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