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Sustainability and Environmental Company Website Redesign | HubSpot CMS



Gentor is a company with more than 40 years of experience providing innovative solutions for the sustainable evolution of the environment. They offer their services to the public and private sectors throughout Mexico.

After rebranding, Gentor wanted to refresh and redefine their digital presence with a website that better reflected their focus and values.


The Problem

Gentor had a previous implementation with an obsolete design and limited integration with modern marketing and sales tools.

Boundify proposed an implementation that would bring a fresh design within a consolidated platform like HubSpot CMS.

The Goal

  • Refresh and redefine their digital presence
  • Better reflect their focus and values
  • A sober and clean design
  • Alignment to their culture and vision
  • Integration with the rest of HubSpot's tools

Our Solution

After working with the marketing and management team defining the design, we implemented a website that provided a fast and easy to navigate experience. The use of forms and web analytics integrated with their marketing and sales tools providing a streamlined experience for the marketing team at Gentor.

The Results

Gentor website now provides a fresh and fast experience that aligns with their new brand. It has also become an integral part of the marketing team strategy. It is also the hub for all other business divisions.


There are a lot of agencies in the market, but Boundify is different. They say: "Our business is to grow yours", and it is really true.

From all the opportunities we receive in our funnel, the best are from Boundify's digital strategy. All the budget we have for a year, it paid from Boundify opportunities in one month.

Our business is growing because we have great products and we have the right partner to help us let the world about us.

Thank you Boundify!


Leonardo Antopia
Chief Operating Officer and Partner, Gentor

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