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Water Treatment Company Streamlined Operations with the Implementation of HubSpot CRM

Fresh Water Systems is a leading provider of equipment and services for water treatment. As their business grew continuously, the need arose to streamline their sales processes and customer management. Explore how our comprehensive strategy elevated their operations to new heights.

The Results

Our Impact in Figures

The Challenge

When confronted with the task of revolutionizing the sales management at Fresh Water Systems, we encountered a intricate scenario.

The company grappled with an outdated customer management system, hindering the tracking of interactions and slowing down the sales processes.

The lack of integration between departments resulted in poor communication and an inconsistent experience for customers.

Our mission was to overcome these hurdles and completely revitalize their operational approach.

The Goals

We collaborated closely with Fresh Water Systems to define clear objectives:

  1. Centralize and organize all customer and prospect information into a unified system.
  2. Automate and optimize sales processes to enhance efficiency.
  3. Facilitate collaboration and information flow across different departments.
  4. Attain a comprehensive view of the customer lifecycle to deliver exceptional service.

Our Solution

From gaining a profound understanding of the team's needs to delivering a fully functional HubSpot CRM, every stage of our solution was crafted for success:

  • We assessed the team's individual processes and requirements.
  • We defined key objects, properties, and associations within HubSpot.
  • We implemented HubSpot CRM in a customized manner.
  • We provided comprehensive training to the team to maximize adoption.

About Fresh Water Systems

Fresh Water Systems is a provider of water filtration and purification solutions that leverages expertise and intentionality to connect with both businesses and residential consumers.

Over the last 30 years, they have evolved from a humble team of two based in Southern California to industry leaders headquartered in upstate South Carolina.

Their commitment to quality and meaningful connection drives their ongoing dedication to delivering exceptional water treatment solutions that surpass conventional standards.

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“Boundify has been a pivotal partner in the successful transformation of Fresh Water Systems. Their strategic approach and profound comprehension of our needs played a crucial role in the implementation of the HubSpot CRM.”
Ed Rickerson

CIO/VP of Sales & Service, Fresh Water Systems

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