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Leading Consulting Firm Boosts Conversion Rate Through Paid Media Strategies.

GreatPlan, a prominent firm specializing in change management consulting and talent development, aimed to broaden its global outreach and attract prospects from a diverse array of countries. Collaboratively, we devised customer acquisition strategies.

The Results

Our Impact in Figures


Conversion Rate

A twofold increase was observed in the conversion rate.


Clicks / Month

All campaign clicks experienced a 200% increase.


Impressions / Month

An average of over 11k impressions per month was achieved.

The Challenge

GreatPlan encountered the challenge of reaching a diverse and geographically dispersed target audience. They required an efficient strategy enabling them to connect with potential prospects across multiple countries and regions, overcoming linguistic and cultural barriers.

The Goals

Boundify collaborated closely with the GreatPlan team to grasp their needs and objectives:

  1. Enhance GreatPlan's visibility in key international markets.
  2. Attract qualified prospects interested in consulting and talent development services.
  3. Optimize advertising investment to maximize return on investment (ROI).

Our Solution

Boundify conceived and executed a meticulously targeted pay-per-click campaign geared towards conversions.

Multiple ad groups and customized landing pages were crafted, tailored to the diverse geographical locations and linguistic preferences of the target audience.

Moreover, advanced tracking and data analysis techniques were employed to continually fine-tune the strategy and optimize campaign performance.

About GreatPlan

GreatPlan is a leading consultancy firm specializing in change management and talent development, with a presence in Mexico and Latin America.

They provide comprehensive solutions to assist organizations in adapting to the changes in the business environment and enhance their human resources development.

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“Boundify brings forth a professional team offering exceptional digital marketing solutions, swift response times, poised for implementing enhancements, and a strategic business partner.”
Francisco Treviño

Operation Director, GreatPlan

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