Staffing and Recruiting

Talent Recruitment Company Enhanced its Outcomes through Advanced Google Ads Strategies

HTI sought a means to virtually connect with qualified talent to fill their clients' vacant positions.

The Results

Our Impact in Figures


Qualified Leads

20% surge in the generation of qualified prospects


Conversion Rate

15% enhancement in the conversion rate


Cost / Acquisition

Cost per Acquisition (CPA) decreased by 25%

The Challenge

HTI encountered a substantial challenge as it observed a notable decline in candidate participation in in-person job fairs.

This prompted the urgent need to devise innovative strategies to establish an effective virtual connection with qualified talent, thereby addressing the increasing recruitment demands of its clients.

The Goals

Our mission encompassed key strategic objectives that transcended challenges:

  1. Overcoming the decline in candidates: Faced with the cancellation of in-person events, our primary goal was to counteract the reduction in candidates. We implemented innovative tactics to attract qualified talent, compensating for the physical absence in job fairs.
  2. Optimizing ad visibility geographically: We aimed to maximize the precision and efficacy of HTI's ad presence. The strategy focused on standing out in specific geographical locations, ensuring focused visibility to reach the target audience directly.
  3. Maintaining financial efficiency: With a focus on financial sustainability, we worked to reduce the Cost per Acquisition (CPA) and improve the Conversion Rate. This dual objective not only ensured the economic effectiveness of our efforts but also optimized the investment, delivering tangible and profitable results for HTI.

Our Solution

To effectively address these challenges, we implemented a comprehensive strategy:

  • Paid Search Advertising Campaigns on Google Ads: We conceptualized and executed tailored campaigns to attract candidates for HTI's clients' job positions.
  • Keyword Optimization: We identified strategic keywords and employed negative terms to direct ads solely to a highly relevant audience.
  • Precision Geotargeting: We restricted ad visibility to specific locations, such as cities and targeted postal codes.
  • Continuous Optimization: We continually adjusted creatives and advertising messages to persuasively influence candidate decisions.
  • Advanced Tools: We integrated Call Tracking and HubSpot to monitor and measure calls, applications, and other key conversions.

About HTI

Since 1999, HTI has served as the conduit connecting job seekers with employers in pursuit of exceptional talent.

However, it extends beyond mere job placement; it's about discovering and retaining the right talent.

HTI instills intention throughout the employee lifecycle, empowering employers with the tools needed to become a workplace where people aspire to work.

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“They have proven to be an invaluable partner for HTI, delivering cutting-edge paid search strategies that not only met but surpassed our business objectives. I highly recommend Boundify to any company seeking a personalized, proactive, and highly effective approach to optimize their digital marketing strategies.”
Emelie Hegarty

Marketing Manager, HTI

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