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Machinery Manufacturing Company Achieves 3X More Qualified Leads

Explore the success story of KenBay, a waste compactor manufacturer that experienced a significant increase in generating highly qualified leads. This case study provides a detailed account of the results achieved through our collaboration.

The Results

Our Impact in Figures


Qualified Leads

A threefold increase in qualified leads.



Opportunities increased by over 125%



KenBay achieved a 50% increase in its customer base.

KenBay achieved a remarkable increase in qualified leads, a significant reduction in costs, and impressive organic traffic growth through our strategic collaboration.

The Challenge

KenBay faced challenges in reaching new potential clients and converting these opportunities into new business.

Their sales team struggled to connect with the right decision-makers in their target companies.

They needed a strategy to expand their reach and build stronger relationships with key prospects.

The Goals

The primary objective was to increase the acquisition of business opportunities over the next 12 months. Additionally, the goal was to enhance sales potential to expand the number of new clients within the same timeframe through paid media and content creation.

Our Solution

  • We developed an inbound marketing strategy focused on valuable content, SEO, and paid media.
  • For KenBay, we created blog posts and eBooks tailored to address the problems and needs of their ideal audience.
  • We optimized landing pages and Google Ads to attract more relevant traffic.
  • Additionally, we integrated CRM and automation tools to qualify and convert high-quality opportunities.

About KenBay

KenBay provides innovative equipment to maximize safety and sustainability, minimizing the impact of industrial solid waste disposal on labor and transportation costs, even in challenging environments.

Their focus on waste reduction allows clients to concentrate on their core business, optimizing return on investment and profitability.

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“We are generating at least one new lead per day through HubSpot and our marketing strategies. Boundify is reliable, and I am confident the work is getting done.”
Chris Meis

Vice President of Sales, KenBay

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