Emilio Garcia

Emilio Garcia

A data-driven B2B demand generation specialist and a certified inbound and paid media professional. Enthusiast of technology, business, digital marketing, and passionate about entrepreneurship. Father of two crazy boys that want to know it all.

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Paid Search Campaign Types that Every B2B Marketer Need to Know

The ultimate goal of business-to-business marketing is to convert other businesses into your customers. Generally, paid …

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5 min read
Mar 25, 2022

LinkedIn Ads Essentials for B2B Marketers

Finding the right audience for all your online marketing endeavors is essential for a business-to-business brand. Otherw …

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10 min read
Jan 10, 2022

Why CRM Implementations Fail

Did you know, up to 50% of CRM implementation projects fail? That’s a staggering number for an initiative where you migh …

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11 min read
Dec 16, 2021

What Is Demand Gen? The Value & Supply Chain Interpretation

Before the technological revolution of the late 20th century, businesses stored records and data in physical files, Rolo …

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7 min read
Nov 29, 2021

Marketing Budgeting: How to Justify Your Budget

Researching and setting a marketing budget can be one of the most challenging parts of a marketing campaign. Your busine …

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4 min read
Oct 28, 2021